With a modest 218,000 square foot facility in Ajman, UAE, Gulf Craft initially produced 14 foot runabouts for the local market. Sport Fishing 24 was Gulf Craft’s first fishing boat.

Gulf Craft in 1982


Majesty 86 launched.

Launch of the Majesty 86 by Gulf Craft

Gulf Craft’s largest manufacturing facility opened in Umm Al Quwain in the Middle East, complete with 150 ton travel lift and launching bay. Millenium 118, Gulf Craft’s first superyacht over 30m, was launched.

Gulf Craft opens in Umm Al Quwain


Gulf Craft launched the brand and product range Majesty Yachts in an ambitious drive to develop the region’s first full line-up of luxury yachts.



Gulf Craft launched its largest superyacht ever built – the Majesty 135 – further solidifying the company’s position as a major player in the prestigious global superyacht market.

Gulf Craft launches the Majesty 135


Gulf Craft has clinched a top 10 ranking among the world superyacht-building shipyards, according to the Boat International Global Order book report. Majesty 105 was announced as a finalist of The World Superyacht Awards 2014.

Gulf Craft Shipyard


Gulf Craft launched its present-day flagship Majesty 155, showing customer confidence in the yard’s products. Catering to an evergrowing demand for long-range, fuel efficient yachts, Gulf Craft also introduced the Nomad Yachts brand.

Gulf Craft launches the Majesty 155


During a private event at the Singapore Yacht Show, Gulf Craft received the 2016 ‘Best Asian Motor Yacht Builder’ award, underlining the Emirates-based manufacturer’s global recognition for its commitment to quality and innovation.

Best Asian Motor Yacht Builder at Singapore Yacht Show


Gulf Craft was recognized for its unique ability to deliver both quality and value to its clientele by one of the most coveted recognitions in the international superyacht manufacturing industry, the World Superyacht Awards. The Majesty 122 (M/Y Nashwan) competed against 66 internationally produced superyachts & won the ‘Quality and Value Award’ marking yet another milestone for Gulf Craft.

The Majesty 122 wins 'Quality and Value Award'


Gulf Craft announced plans to start manufacturing megayachts marking the Emirates-based builder’s entry into the exclusive league of global megayacht manufacturers. The announcement was made at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show, where Gulf Craft revealed the riveting new concept designs for the 61-meter Majesty 200 and the 53-meter Majesty 175.


Dubai International Boat Show 2017 marked a great milestone for Gulf Craft as the company celebrates 35 years. Gulf Craft launched numerous models at the show including the super Majesty 100, first of a kind Silvercraft 48 HT and the Silvercraft 36 HT Cabin.

Gulf Craft Celebrates 35 Years!


Named ‘Best Asian Built Yacht’ at the 2017 edition of the Asia Boating Awards, the Majesty 155 is Gulf Craft’s flagship superyacht and is also the largest semi-production superyacht built in the Emirates. The model was recognized for her ability to combine unparalleled seagoing performance with timeless luxury.

 Majesty 155 Wins Best Asian Built Yacht

January 2018

In January 2018, Gulf Craft’s Majesty 100 won ‘Best Asian-Built Motor yacht over 30m’ at the 2018 Christofle Yacht Style Awards held in Thailand.

March 2018

In March 2018, Gulf Craft launched the Majesty 140, Majesty 62, Touring 48 at the Dubai International Boat Show.


Gulf Craft ranked 7th place in the global ranking of international shipyards published by The Superyacht Group.

September 2018

In Sept 2018, Gulf Craft’s Majesty 140 won the “Best Yacht Layout” award at the World Yacht Trophies held in Cannes, France.

October 2018

In October 2018, Gulf Craft Chairman Mohammed Alshaali was honored as ‘Business Person of the Year’ by the International Superyacht Society at the 2018 ISS Design and Leadership Awards in Florida.

Majesty Yachts

Majesty Yachts has served the aspirations of passionate boating enthusiasts for more than three decades. The award-winning manufacturer is one of the world’s leading superyacht shipyards, a merit it has achieved through continuous investment in research and development.

Founded in the Emirates in 1982, Gulf Craft continues to redefine the on-water living experience with its wide variety of premium craft, ranging from 27 feet to 175 feet in length. Deploying advanced technology, powerful engineering, timeless design, and world-class craftsmanship, Gulf Craft builds each innovation to create memorable cruising experiences for its discerning clientele, transforming travel by sea into a journey worth indulging in.

With an expanding portfolio that includes the enchanting Majesty Yachts, the long-range Nomad Yachts, Silvercraft fishing boats and family cruisers, and Oryx sport yachts and cruisers, Gulf Craft has built an enduring legacy.

Sovereign Super Yachts is the dealer for Majesty Yachts throughout the United States and Bahamas.

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