Doug Diggle

Doug Diggle


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Majesty Yachts USA, the international online marketplace for bespoke yacht and cruise shipping sales, welcomes Douglas S. Diggle in his role as President of Cruise Ship Sales and Operations. Douglas is a champion of the global cruise ship industry and maritime technology and has been a keynote panel speaker at SeaTrade Cruise Global and Crew Connect on several occasions. His senior leadership sales roles at several Cruise Lines will further strengthen the global reach and enrich the diverse and accomplished Majesty Yachts USA leadership team.

His executive experience with cruise passenger fleet operations, combined with his graduate international business education, form a comprehensive foundation for serving as the President of Cruise Ship Sales and Operations as we expand our support team and offices. Douglas has supervised a wide range of vessels, dry-docks, new-builds, special projects and designed international supply chains and services for many classes of seagoing passenger vessels. While completing his International MBA and worked in the finance industry, including serving as the Head of Technology for the Miami office of the Federal Reserve System. After graduating, he accepted a position at Celebrity Cruises where he was assigned the lead role on a special executive shipboard audit team.

While conducting wide-scale shipboard audits for a variety of cruise vessels, he travelled the world mastering the internal workings of ships, with an emphasis on the fundamental logistics and purchasing decisions behind operating a passenger fleet. This included driving the Royal Caribbean Brand Standard sourcing in many foreign ports and situations. After completing the audits, he transferred within Royal Caribbean to a newly created role as Head of Corporate Product Brand Standards for Royal Caribbean, LTD.  This was the first such position in the industry; it is now commonplace. For Product Brand Standards, Douglas led the strategic development and supervised shipboard and shore side teams focused on managing international product delivery, plan vs. forecast, quality, actual vs. targets, and P&L financials.

Douglas later moved to the multinational German corporation Lufthansa Systems, AG, to become the Vice President of Americas for 4 years where he was responsible for bringing the global cruise ship industry into Lufthansa’s larger international sales network. He implemented strategic plans for new technology businesses, and managed the vessel’s statement of work, service level agreements, and standard operating support. For his efforts, he received the “Best of Global Sales Award” from Lufthansa’s Executive Board.

Douglas Founded Across Oceans Group, 2007, AOG has facilitated more than $70 million in partner vendor sales contracts between foreign maritime vendors and US-based cruise shipping. AOG has also provided expert management consulting for a range of domestic government agencies among 60 global clients and other maritime projects, AOG also consulted with the US Navy on distributed antenna systems and deployed new crew technology for ships.

Douglas led Operation Black Swan, a Maritime Cruise Line Mass Rescue Operation MRO in 2012 and again in 2015, where his role was to advise various government agencies on the inner workings and processes of the cruise lines following a mass rescue emergency. In 2016, he was asked to sit on the Coast Guard Committee and he honored Mrs. Duffy, the President of Carnival Corporation. Douglas later held the role of Senior Vice President of Maritime and Cruise Lines for Siemens CMT AG and he created Media4Cruises, MOGIS4Cruises, Cabin Control Systems and new Guest Mobile Apps. In 2012, Douglas helped to launch TruePath as the Chief Technology Officer overseeing ground breaking VSAT, WiFi software and wireless solutions for cruise lines and maritime vessels.

Douglas S. Diggle, says, “I am passionate about always doing the right thing for the crew, the passengers, our clients and global communities. Because of my senior leadership ability and background in the cruise line, maritime, travel and technology industries, I am excited to be the Cruise Industry Expert and contribute to Majesty Yachts USA senior leadership growth at an efficient and elite level. Creating value, and an all-in-one cruise ship sales and support platform for our partners while delivering a total guest experience is important to me; it is in my core DNA.”

Whether your business is cruise lines, shipping, oil-rigs or super-yachts Majesty Yachts USA has the industry expertise and know-how to meet your needs.  Let’s have a conversation, you can find me at SeaTrade Cruise Global show, Cruise Ship Interiors show, the Workboat show, Offshore Technology Conference, SSM Hamburg and HITECH, or connect with me on LinkedIn at or on For media enquiries to arrange interviews and high resolution images please contact: or contact him at: