Gulf Craft Launches the World’s Largest Composite Yacht

Gulf Craft has just launched their Majesty 175 which is quite the milestone for the shipyard. The event happened at the Shipyard in the United Arab Emirates where the yacht’s owner was on hand to witness. In total, the Majesty 175 project has been underway for four years and now we finally get to see her in the water.

What’s most exciting about the launch of this yacht is the fact that it’s made from composite materials like carbon fiber and vinylester. Because of Majesty 175’s length and the use of the materials, she is the world’s largest composite yacht. But it’s not just that accolade that made them choose these materials. With these lightweight materials, she’s able to cruise through low draft areas and only draw in 2.25 meters of water. To learn more about Majesty 175, be sure to click here.

December 3, 2020 News
About Majesty Yachts

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